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Congratulations to Bob Fowden/Paul Fowden on another good result they finished 3rd Overall and 2nd in Class in there Subaru Impreza,directly behind them was Carl O'Grady/Emma Todd in the Nissan Sunny F2 they came home 4th Overall and 1st in Class.Just inside the Top Ten was Wynne Watkins/Derrick Walters on there first time together they came home in 9th Overall and 2nd in Class,just outside the Top Ten was one of the younger members of the club,Lloyd Morgan/Marc Clatworthy they came home 13th Overall and 1st in Class in the Nissan Micra beating more powerfull cars on the way too. Keegan Rees/Rhys Stoneman came home an excellent 29th Overall and 3rd in Class after struggling with a slipping clutch from SS1 onwards and running out of suitable tarmac tyres that had them going for the gravels tyres on the last but one stage.New club member Jason Gage on his second event as a navigator came home 33rd Overall and 10th in Class navigating for Wyn Lewis in the Proton Compact after losing three minutes with spin on the last stage.
Not so fortunate was Phil Turner/Simon Anthony there good run of form came to an end on SS1 with a broken driveshaft which locked the rear wheels up and the day was over even before it had started.
Well done all.

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