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Port Talbot Motor Club prides itself on recognising the achievements of its members in whatever aspect of the sport they have an interest in. To this end we have an Annual Club Awards and Presentation Evening at which numerous awards are presented to Club members to recognise their success and achievements. For this year we will be returning to the Village Hotel SA1 Swansea. A good evening, enjoyed by all and too much by many !!!!!!

 Results for the 2016 championship. 


 Tarmac Drivers.                                       

 1st   Wynne Watkins 55pts.                     

 2nd    Phil Turner 40pts.                              

 3rd   Thomas Cooper 38pts.                       

 Tarmac Navigators.                                  

 1st  Simon Anthony  57pts.                    

 2nd  Rhys Stoneman  48pts.

 3rd  Den Golding 9 pts. 

Gravel Drivers.

1st Tc Lloyd 18pts.

2nd Trevor Baynham 15pts.

3rd Thomas Cooper 12pts.

Gravel Navigators.

1st Anthony"Spuddy" Bailey 13pts

 In addition to the Championships, the Club makes other awards, the most prestigious of which are:

The "Joe Nieman Spirit of Motor Sport Award". This is awarded to the member that best represents the Club and its values whilst taking part in the sport at whatever level.

The "John Brunt Award". This is presented to the Junior member that has gained the most success or made the most progress in their area of the sport.

The"DWW Award". This is presented to the Club Member of the Year.

Numerous other awards are sometimes presented, some serious, some not so serious, but all intended to recognise the life and times of Port Talbot Motor Club both at events and socially.


CONGRATULATIONS To all the Award winners, we look forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony and wish you all the best of luck for the 2017 Championships!!!

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